Tuition Rates

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Traditional Year Montessori (TYM): A ten month enrollment option from August to May; students have breaks for fall, winter, spring and summer in addition to school closings for national holidays.

All Year Montessori (AYM): A twelve month enrollment option from August to July; students attend school all year round and during June-July months with fewer breaks throughout the year.

Supply Fees

TYM                             $100

AYM                             $125

Elementary TYM        $275

Elementary AYM        $300

Payment Options & Discounts

Annual Payments: By paying the annual amount at the time of enrollment, families are eligible to receive up to a 10% discount off the tuition

Monthly Payments: The annual amount can be divided among either a ten-month payment plan or a 12-month payment plan.

Sibling Discounts: Families with more than one student enrolled are eligible for a 5% discount off monthly tuition. Only one discount is permitted per family.