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Read the article Help Me, Gammie. by Margot Garfield-Anderson found on page 32 of Tomorrow's Child.

Answer the discussion questions below and share any insights or questions you may have had while reading. Once other parents have had an opportunity to respond, reply to at least two posts to continue the discussion. 


  1. What actions do you find yourself doing "for them?" (Think: socks, shoes, diapers, climbing stairs, eating, even reading a book!) 
  2. Why? Are you in a hurry? Worried that they will hurt themselves? Not sure if they are capable? Try to diagnose why you're solving your child's challenges.
  3. Do you have any tips that help you slow down and/or step back?

CHALLENGE: Over the next few days, find a time to let your child do it all by themselves and take a mental note of both yours and your child's emotions or expressions after they've completed the task. Did you feel proud? Surprised? Stressed? Anxious?