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Read the article Montessori at Home from Birth to Three: Why and How? by Zahra Kassam found on pages 28-29 in Tomorrow's Child.

Complete the discussion and share any insights or questions you may have had while reading. Once other parents have had an opportunity to respond, reply to at least two posts to continue the discussion. 

  • DISCUSSION: Montessori materials are very intentional and purposeful. In the classroom, everything has a purpose though it is sometimes hard to see. What lessons have you seen or heard of in the Infant community that have made you wonder: why? 
    We'll respond to your questions and give you some insight here!
  • CHALLENGE: We often remind parents that your home does not need to look like a classroom because Montessori is an educational approach to learning. With that said, there are many 'toys' that you can add to your home to support the Montessori philosophy. Rather than the website listed (a subscription service) we direct parents to For Small Hands catalog and website to purchase materials for your home. Take a second and peruse the materials suggested for children ages birth to three. Your challenge is to create a wishlist, share the link in your response below and even share it with grandparents, aunts and uncles. 
    How nice would it be if family members actually knew what to gift your little one for birthdays and holidays instead of buying the typical toys found in stores!