This is our first attempt at an online Link to the Classroom. If you have a 'how to' question, post it here and we will all help each other out! 


Q: How do I reply to a comment?
A: Hover your mouse over the top right corner of a comment to see three icons: a flag, a heart, and an arrow. Click the arrow to reply to a specific comment.

Q: Do I have to create an account and log in?
A: No. When you comment you will be asked for your name, email and web URL. All that is required is your Name, then you can click "Comment As Guest." You can choose to create an account or log in using a Facebook, Google, or Twitter account but this is optional.

Q: Will it save my changes if I leave the screen?
A: Nope. Be sure to type your response and push POST COMMENT before you push the back button. If your comment does not appear on the discussion immediately, it did not post - try again :)